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Why is there so much talk these days about Oxygen?

Could there really be new information for growers relating to plant health and nutrition?

Yes! New technology and research on the impact and measurement of dissolved oxygen (DO) in water is new territory for our industry, but the front line benefits are impossible to ignore:

Every grower knows that water is the lifeblood of plant production. It carries nutrients and hydrates the plant, but in order for those nutrients to be efficiently absorbed by the plant, the latest research is confirming the theory that significant amounts of oxygen must be present.

Doesn’t water already contain oxygen?

The average city water and well water contain Dissolved Oxygen (DO), but at a very low level of 4-8 ppm. Use of the TOOB allows the grower to control the amount of DO and find the optimal level for the application. The DO range that research indicates is optimal for most applications is 18-25 ppm.

The TOOB is a groundbreaking new way to economically boost dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in your irrigation system and enhance plant healt and production. Download the TOOB brochure for more information.

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Are you maitaining the proper oxygen levels in your hydroponic production system?