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Why the TOOB?

Dissolving oxygen into water is normally considered to be an energy-intensive process. Until now, inefficient air blowers or bubble diffusers have been used, and the results are usually only minor increases in the oxygen level. There is no known method as efficient and economical as the TOOB. Our system dissolves oxygen in water without making bubbles. The efficiency of this manner of mass transfer allows the production of stable liquid streams containing enormous amounts of dissolved oxygen that are normally only seen in laboratory conditions.

Stable high levels of dissolved oxygen are achieved with the TOOB. For example, 40-45 ppm is quite simply achieved in irrigation storage tanks. Under ambient conditions, 8 ppm is typically the maximum. The saturation correlates with the depth of the tank. Sustained high DO readings in excess of a week are obtainable in common open-top irrigation tanks.

Why choose the TOOB as your enhanced irrigation solution?

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